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About Us

Leasany is a revolutionary concept to advocate sharing among travelers to-and-fro Singapore to rent their essential-but-costly equipment instead of owning it. Leasany aims to maximize travelers’ journey through minimizing the risk of owning and the cost of traveling.

By saving the hassle and headache during trip planning, Leasany envisions to change the usual way people plan for traveling, at the same time encourages people to try on new things that have always wanted to try, without spending a fortune for a huge yet risky initial investment.

Leasany not only provides rental service of travel items, but also benefits travellers in the following ways:

  • Travellers can book the services with the companies listed on our program and get more discount on our RENTAL service
  • Travellers can also purchase items such as SIM card, First Aid, personal care, oral care, family care and baby care, it saves time on preparation.
  • Last but not least, travellers can submit for our free video editing service after their travel journey.

By renting, you can easily share the rental cost with travel mates. Imagine that you are renting it at $50, you only need to pay $10 if you are travelling and sharing with another 4 travel mates.


Due to the rapid change in technology, new model is released every 10-12 months. You may miss the chance of using product with the latest technology if you buy and keep for more than a year.


Singapore generates about 60000 tonnes of e-waste a year. If we reduce the waste by maximizing the usage and sharing the items together, we can save the earth.

Benefits of Sharing
Our Logo

Leasany’s logo “S” visually represents to connect, exchange and recycle, which promotes renting instead of owning based on sharing eco-system. Leasany wishes to reduce waste resulted from travelling by maximizing the usable cycle of the items, and ultimately enable traveller to save money. The concept of SHARE and SAVE are represented by logo, the letter of “S”.

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