1. Booking for Return Service on PostCo

Step111 - Search and Select Location

Return to: Select “Leasany”

Near: Insert your postal code

Select & Book
Step22 - Select Location

PostCo_logo_yellow PostCo locations

PostCo_logo_purplePostCo Plus locations
(Printing service is available)

Parcel Details
Step222 - Parcel Details

Order Reference: Insert your order number

Reason: Select “Others”

Other Reasons: Fill in “My trip ends!”

Personal Details
Step333 - Customer Information

Once the booking is completed, you will be receiving the notification via the email address and phone number.

2. Packing


1. Choose a box. The box will need to be big enough for the item to fit into with a generous gap all the way around.

2. Packing into box. Wrap the item in a protective material (such as bubble wrap) or place into the box with packing material (such as loose fill and crumpled newspapers) all the way around so as to stop your item from moving around in the box.

3. Close up the box and seal along any edges by high quality tape. If at this point you feel that the item may sustain damage during its transit, you may wish to double box the item.

Note: Max. dimension is 50cm x 50cm x 50cm

3. Printing


If a PostCo location is selected,
you are required to and attach the return form on the parcel.

If a PostCo Plus location is selected,
you will receive an additional link to the QR code via email and SMS.
Present the QR code to the staff on duty when you drop off the parcel.

3. Return


Go to your selected PostCo location and drop your parcel.

After the staff on duty receive and update the booking in the PostCo system, you will receive a confirmation email and SMS.

Note: The delivery takes 5-7 days to reach our office.