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  • 4.25” cube
  • Folds flat to 0.25” thick
  • 10 bright white/warm white LEDs
  • 3 light settings: low, high, & blinking
  • Fully charged with 8hrs of sunlight
  • up to 8-12hrs of light on full charge
  • PVC-free recyclable PET material
  • Completely waterproof
  • Battery Lithium Ion 1000mAh; 3.7V
  • Recyclable EVA light diffuser especially for Solight with UV protection
  • Solar Panel 160mA 5V
  • Lumens: low setting 60; high setting 90


To charge the lights:

  1. Turn the light to the OFF setting.
  2. Place in direct sun light with the solar panel facing the sun.
  3. Leave it in the sun for 8 hours for a full charge.
  4. If you can only charge for 3 hours you will get 3 hours of light on the low setting, charge for 5 hours you get 5 hours of light, and so on.
  5. The Merlin Helix lighting time will vary with the color. Red and blue last the longest, and white lasts the shortest amount of time.

You may visit Solight Design for more information.


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