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Latest Promotion

Sign up and get rewarded!

Once sign up on Leasany, you will be rewarded free credits of SGD5. You can only use the credit for our rental service at the moment. Once you write the review on our Facebook Page, we will refund you $5 from your Leasany Credit account.

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Follow and Tag us on Instagram

Follow us on Instagram and share your happiness with us during your trip. By completing the steps below, you will get Leasany credits of $5 after the trip.

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Membership Benefits

Are you satisfied with the current service from Leasany? We are sorry to inform you that we are still in the progress to benefit the whole travel community. We are finding a way to work with travel related service providers and benefit our members.

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Have a trial before you purchase

Do you have any disappointment on the actual function of a product after you have purchased it? Will you just leave a bad review on the product? Or will you give a chance to the company by requesting a clarification or even a refund for the product? Due to these several reasons, Leasany has started a product trial program for travellers, just test out our products with your trip before making order.

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Leasany is buying your second hand item with higher-than-market value

Everyone has that experience while your stomach feels lighter, your heart beats faster and you hear your blood pulsing in your veins. I am sure that you’ve just meet your new crush – the latest Iphone. It’s a love-hate situation but then you find yourself thousands of excuses not getting the newly released product and stay with your outdated phone eventually. With all the breakthrough features and design, let’s admit that it’s just too cool to stay with your outdated phone.

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Free Video Editing Service

We are offering our customers a video editing service for free. We understand that many travellers do not know how to edit a video or they will be very busy for work or school after long travel journey. So here we are. You can now submit your videos by telling us your travel information. With the media and the content, we will try our best to summarize the trip for you.

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Special Discount for Return Customers

We really appreciate your support on our services and business. We are glad that our customers satisfy our services and take good care of our items during the rental period. For those return customers, we have good news to share with you! We are offering 10% and 15% discount for subsequent rental bookings!

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Early Bird Promotion

In order to encourage travellers to plan their trip in advance, we are willing to give you up to 50% discount on our rental service. We want you to be well-prepared for the coming trip, although we are happy to serve the last-minute booking request from you. Once you confirm the trip itinerary, you should book our rental service to enjoy the early bird promotion. Book now and enjoy later.

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Waive Your Deposit

Are you a student who has limited budget on travel? Now you can waive 50% of the deposit by liking and sharing our Facebook and Instagram.  You have to show us your valid student card after placing the order, we will update your order detail accordingly.

Free Return Delivery

In order to improve your rental experience, we offer you free return delivery if your cart subtotal (excluding deposits payable) is more than SGD25. We help you reduce the hassle to prepare for your travel journey.

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Travelling with stable internet connection helps you connect with your friends and family all the time. Now we are having special promotion, you can have 25% off on the pocket WiFi rental while enjoying 5% discount on our rental service.

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Top up your credit account to enjoy extra benefits. You can now get up to 20% more on Leasany credits, waive 50% deposit, and even pay the rental fee without hassle. Top-up now and enjoy later.

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