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Have a trial before you purchase

Try before Buy

Do you have any disappointment on the actual function of a product after you have purchased it? Will you just leave a bad review on the product? Or will you give a chance to the company by requesting a clarification or even a refund for the product? Due to these several reasons, Leasany has started a product trial program for travellers, just test out our products with your trip before making order.

“No way!!! The daily rental price is so high! I would rather just take risk to buy one for myself instead!”

Oops… If you have this kind of thought, you should continue reading.

The daily rental price is set at 10% of the retail price, it is only expensive if the retail price is of high rank. In order to benefit our customers to try out the products, we now offer  a special coupon* that gives up to 90% discount for our customers to have first trial. After applying the discount code, the daily rental price will become only 1% of the retail price of the product.

So, what are you waiting for?

Just grab this opportunity to test all the interesting products from our rental store. Try out all the unique products from Leasany. They are so smart and useful that can change your way of travelling.. You may just buy it after the trial if you are satisfied with the products. Now, you have no more risk of buying travel products as a traveller!

*For more information:

  1. The coupon is shown in each product page.
  2. This program is only applied to the products under the “Kickstarter” categories.
  3. Every customer can only rent the items once with the coupon.