Everyone has that experience while your stomach feels lighter, your heart beats faster and you hear your blood pulsing in your veins. I am sure that you’ve just meet your new crush – the latest Iphone. It’s a love-hate situation but then you find yourself thousands of excuses not getting the newly released product and stay with your outdated phone eventually. With all the breakthrough features and design, let’s admit that it’s just too cool to stay with your outdated phone.

The same goes for any travel products, Gopro for example. You may argue that the offering price by second hand market place is not attractive enough for an upgrade or disposal. In other case, when you finally convinced yourself to sell on a lower-than-market price, you realised that you may still use it (but rarely) in the future, let alone the fact that the product depreciation rapidly especially for electronics. Eventually, you compromised and put the product back in cabinet.

Therefore, we promote rental concept and sharing culture that allow everyone using the latest device while saving more on the travel expense. The rental concept is presented in “Why should you rent a travel item instead of purchasing/owning it?“.

Now we have a solution for you.

Leasany is now offering to buy over your travel product with guaranteed higher-than-market value. The offered value could be in the form of cash, Leasany Credit, or other cash equivalent, whichever applicable. If you get Leasany Credit, you will be able to use it for renting our products! Following are the benefits for the sellers and buyers:


Maximize the value and utilize in better ways.

The sellers have the options of cash and Leasany credits in the program.

  1. Leasany Credits: You will be offered higher values by selling your products to us. Once you handover the items, the credits will be reflected immediately in your dashboard.
  2. Cash: The cash value is lower than the market rate as it is predicted market rate after 3 months.

The final decision on the option will be finalized on the deadline (after 3 months). We will cash out the money within 3 days once you opt for the cash exchange.

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There are few inspections required to be done for the program:

  1. Item Checklist Inspection: The checklist will be provided to ensure the accessories are also included.
  2. Basic Functionality Test: The simple operation will also be tested during the meet up.
  3. In-depth Functionality Test: All the functions of the device with the accessories such as battery, charger and etc will be tested for 1-2 days.
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If you manage to find the buyer within 3 months, we will help you to handover your item to them at our office. We will go through our standard handover inspection with the buyer and close the deal.

The buyer will make payment to us first, then we will transfer to you within 3 days. Then your Leasany credits will be deducted accordingly.

If you do not find any buyer within 3 months, you have to make your final decision on the option between cash and Leasany Credits.

If the cash option is selected, we will transfer the agreed amount to you within 3 days and your Leasany credits will be deducted accordingly.

If the Leasany Credits option is selected, you may start having our rental service with the credits.

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